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Open 1 Aug 2018

Open or Closed?

In the Netherlands we have a lot of water and quite some bridges. The question: "is the bridge ope or closed?" doesn't have a clear answer. When the bridge is open for the cars, it is closed for the ships. And the other way around.

It is clear that we are not always as "open" as we would like to be.

Why not open?

In engineering we can do a testing and find answers that help to solve issues. Basically said we seek understanding.

With human behaviour it is more complex. It is related to present and past events and experiences.


By times we realize that we are 'closed' or isolated or hurt.

If we do not like our condition and look for change, it is required that we admit out condition.

Hiding and avoiding are major blocks for change.

Motivation for change

Many people believe that it is very hard for mature (grown-up) people to change their character.

As long as we do not resent damages we do with our immutability, we will continue the old behaviour.

We need courage and motivation for change. Sometimes we need to envision a better future.

Poem about change

In the Bible there is a poem (Psalm 25) that wonders in my words:
"Who can find a new future".

Adoration I offer, Yahweh, to you my God.
Do not put my trust in you to shame,
let my enemies not triumph over me.
No one who calls out to you shall be put to shame,
but shame is over them who without reason have no faith.
Direct me in your ways, Yahweh,
and teach me your ways.
Encourage me to to walk in your truth and teach me.
You are the God who saves me.
For all day long my hope is in you
For your generosity is great, Yahweh.
Goodness and faithful love have been yours forever,
Yahweh, do not forget them.
Hold not my youthful sins against me
but remember me as your faithful love dictates.


Opening up takes struggle for it is more easy to be closed.

We have to deny our old selves.

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