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God on the mountain 15 Aug 2018

Yesterday a friend sent me a link to a gospel song on Youtube. A nice somewhat melancholic song. I could not decipher all the words. And I looked up the text with the help of Google.

I know that song texts are not theology. They speak to the heart. The words stay long in our minds. By times the words of songs do not express a reality.

Assumption of Mary

On August, 15th the Catholic church remembers the assumption of Mary in heaven.

First this expresses that God has good plans for those who love Him.

Second it gives testimony that we are connected to 'a community of saints'.

The Catholic faith and the bible place individuals who are willing in a 'people'. We are called together by God. We are not supposed to be lone warriors.

Being part of the people of God.

We are called to be part of a team. Regularly Christians present them self as 'me and God'. The song 'God on the mountain' reflects to a degree such thinking. To me that sounds like a dysfunctional church (Compare the song text to the letters of Saint Paul!)

My belief is that I need the people around me very much. It may be a question: "Do I trust my fellow Christians enough to knock on their door for help?"

Would I really trust God and Mary if I do not trust my fellow people to cooperate with me?

I like the God who came down to earth.

For those who like to hear: "God on the Mountain"

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