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Mortality 10 Aug 2018

Mortality has two meanings. The first is the number of people or animals going to die in a certain period of time. That sounds just like statistics and it does not worry most people. Unless you live under high voltage power lines. The second meaning is more confronting: the certainty that we will die.

The humanity of humanists

Think yourselves, Live together. That is the slogan on their website.

Sooner or later we will die. They do not mention that on the front page of their website. The humanity of humanists ends with death. In the best case a remembrance on your deeds or works is left.

Such is the conclusion of a life without a God.

Is a God immortal?

For me God is maker of the world and giver of my life. I have only a limited knowledge about God and his 'world'. I believe that He has made the universe. Even unbelieving scientists consider (and perhaps believe) that the universe came into existence in just an instant. If there has been a cause, a power, that could initiate such an event, I am thankful for that. I am thankful for my life. If such a power, perhaps God, is a reality, then I still do not know if God is immortal. But I safely can assume that there is more than my mortal life, something that exists way longer.

A broken world

Nobody likes to live forever in a broken world or in a state of life that he or she is ashamed about.

Human persons do not come with answers for this difficulty. A life is only worth to continue to exist when it is wholesome, not in a corrupted or degraded state.

An offer for an eternal life

I know a Jesus who says: "Come to me, follow me, worship God. And you shall have life."

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