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Market 5 Aug 2018

In many cities and villages you may find a 'market'. Over the centuries market's have been important meeting places for people.

Nowadays markets have made place for 'supermarkets' and internet market places.

Value of a market

In many places in the world markets are still is an important meeting point. Vendors and farmers from some distance come with there market goods. It is a place where people meet and talk. A place where the news spreads. Negotiations are done, deals are made. You can find wares that normally are not available.

The community depends on such places.

Comparison between market and community

I like the following thoughts:
- A healthy community should be a market place!
- Each community should have a market place.

In my opinion a community that not surpasses the functioning of a marketplace is not worth to exist. It is a lie and a fake.

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