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Limitations 11 Aug 2018

It may be clear that my (this) website as it is now has limitations. It is also simple. And I really like things to be simple.

Some limitations:

  1. It does not support links directly to a specific page.
  2. Related to 1. is that Google can not search my site effectively.
  3. I would like a simple feedback method like: OK, Garbage, Improve.
  4. I would like a 'search' function.


My first priority for the website is to express some of of my thoughts and to enjoy that.

Secondly I like improvements and a nicer presentation.

With both items I only have to spend 1 or 2 hours a day. Writing my daily page takes an hour. Fortunately there are weekends too. This week I am focusing on the 'link' issue.

Stubborn or creative?

Of course there are plenty of platforms like Joomla or Wordpress. With those tools it still is quite some work to build a pleasant and consistent presentation. I assume Joomla and Wordpress provide a good security to avoid hacking of my website.

I am still interested in the simple solutions. Technically seen my website design has a low complexity. And therefore it is easy to maintain.

In this case I choose to be stubborn and creative. But that does not mean that my approach is better than other approaches.

My website needs some change

As you can see below, overcoming limitations means: work!

For the more technical minds:
- With option 1 all the daily entries need to be embedded in heading and trailer and that would change with every new page.
- With option 2 I need a server side script with extra security risks.
- May be I start with option1 (with the embedding done in my PC at home) and later move to solution2.

Perhaps it is good to seek a little longer for a good solution.

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