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Kerala 20 Aug 2018

Today I am late with writing. Kerala and again Camiling have floods. Both locations are at several thousands of kilometers distance. But our household relates closely to both locations. Kerala is the Indian home proving of Jenson and Leroy. Camiling is the Filipino home town of Millet.


We hope an pray for a stop of the rainfall. We pray for a proper drainage of the water.

Much of the damage has already been done and is irreversible for several years perhaps.

One (Facebook) image tells more than 1000 words:

Response to a damaged future

First it is painful to accept a big loss. Especially for parents with children.
Secondly facing the pain takes effort. When we avoid the pain ... that does not make things easier. years later we may still suffer and may respond with fear to new issues.
Thirdly we need to build on a new and perhaps much different future.


With all those hardship, understanding from friends and support for a new start is much welcome.

Giving effective support after disasters is not a simple quick job. It takes patience and endurance, because the victims have their limitations.

If anyone has suggestions how we can give some support that would be appreciated. I believe that improvements in infrastructure (e.g. dikes and much enlarged capacity of rivers) will be needed. The local governments do not have knowledge and finances for that. We talk about disasters that in 100 years time never before happened.

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