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Impossible 16 Aug 2018

Which healthy person is interested in doing the impossible? Actually we all should be interested in doing what is not yet possible.

Then we find a challenge worth to live for. The person wanting to do the impossible may however expect disappointments on his journey.

Everything is possible for the person who has faith.

Do I believe that? May be my faith is too small. I may have faced too many disappointments.

Nevertheless it is the God of the bible who said this in Mark 9:24.

I am willing to believe. I am willing to try again. I have hope.

How can impossible things be done?

First I need to desire the yet 'impossible', to have a target.
Second I need to investigate how it could be realized.
Third, I should seek the means to at least start moving in the right direction.

For really big targets, I need to seek a way to grow the means.

I desire a meaningful and satisfying life for all in this world.

Not just for a few.

My prayer is that God will build the house (Psalm 127:1) so that the builders will not build in vain.

I desire the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.

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