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Glasses 21 Aug 2018

The man who invented lenses was a genius who has enriched my life greatly. Now I have learned in recent times to check on the Internet if some of my statements are correct. Frustratingly often I am wrong. I would have bet on a dutch scientist, Anthony van Leuwenhoek (1650). The discovery of lenses is placed historically 750 b.c.. Eye glasses were developed around the year 1300.

A small thing, so much joy

So often quite small things bring lots of joy and comfort in life. In the past month I had observed that my left eye no more could focus with reading from a computer screen. It was not so hard to figure out that moving my glasses forward to the top of my nose helped a lot to focus properly. So I ordered a new pair of glasses solving the problem. For a 100 Euro I buy a lot of comfort for years.

Not all are so fortunate

Perhaps 25% of the people on earth hardly can afford to buy a pair of glasses. Among them are perhaps 5 Million inhabitants of USA. Another fact that I did not know before tonight!

Imagine: children that miss relevant glasses can not take classes in a school.

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