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Glance 12 Aug 2018

Sunday Morning

In the weekends I may sleep an hour longer than in the weekdays. My wife Millet needs more sleep than I do. In the start of the morning I may watch 1 or 2 short programs on TV. It gives me a glance on some needs iin the world. By time time I have a glance on the life of a person. On Sunday mornings I take a tiny glance on the world

My God!

What a beauty is there in this world and what a suffering in this world. And in the midst of that all the daily struggle for life. Perhaps the beauty could not exist without the contrast of the ordinary hardships in life.

When we glance ourselves

This morning I heard on television a lady sharing about a moment of change in her life.

All over her young life she was quite serious and also quite shy. When she was 16 years old she attended an information day on a university. All day long she had walked around with her face directed to the toes of her feet. Afterwards her mother who had accompanied her commented on that. As a result the girl reflected: "Is this really the way I want to walk through life?". And she realized that she did not want so. As a result she changed her behaviour.

A glance of hope

Those little glances on other's lives or our own lives are actually a glance on what is possible and/or needed. We need fresh hope and refreshment in realizing of what is not yet perfect.
Then we are challenged to respond in fresh ways.
Therefore I am thankful for those little Sunday morning glances on life.

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