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Fuzzy 14 Aug 2018

Would you know what fuzzy is? I know the word from the art of computer programming. Some systems are programmed in 'fuzzy logic'. Does that sound good? Perhaps not. Because in English language 'vague' is a synonym for fuzzy. Would you trust vague logic?

A fuzzy image

The image below is perhaps fuzzy. You may think: that looks nice.

I can guarantee you that this picture is unclear, vague and blurred. I know because I painted it. Not with fuzzy paint. But with a clean computer.
Furthermore I can tell you that there is no logic, no design and no intention in the image.

That is well expressed in the name of the image: "alsuhetweetdanweetikhetook".

If you can't understand that fuzzy word, translated from Dutch it says:
When you know it then I will know it too. There is nothing to know in it.

Less fuzzy

Actually fuzzy logic may be a reflection on the fuzzy working of our minds. Not everything in our minds is organized 'exact'. Many rules of behaviour are stored in our minds. And they are very helpful in all kind of complex situations that need immediate decisions.

Thoughts in your and my mind tend to be somewhat fuzzy. What helps to clarify them is expressing our thoughts in spoken and written words. Then we order our thinking better. It may be like a kind of training and preparation. We organize our fuzzy minds somewhat better so that we can with more ease and clarity communicate with others.

I hope you can appreciate my picture today.

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