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Energy 30 Aug 2018

Summer is over. Days are getting shorter and the average temperature drops. Our energy dwindles. We feel easily tired and like to rest.

When we get older, our energy drops.

Energy as used to drive machines is relatively modern. Solar heat and flowing water are among the early utilized ones.

We need energy

Energy is the very thing that makes things moving. Sometimes energy appears to be owned by the young ones. Older people are better in managing energy. Of course we need food to be energized. But for most of us energy relates to motivation and will power.

For a long time we can run after our human desires and find lots of energy to realize them. As long as we get results in the competition in this world we may feel successful. When the results lack or when we fail, our energy may drop to a minimum. Even to the level of a burnout.

The source of energy

Initially you may think: youth or success. Both are instable sources.

What about feeling loved and living in unity with others? If the source of love is stable and if I am connected with others around who care for me and value my life and talents. Would I run out of energy?

Where can I find the fountain of life?

I know this. If it exists then it will not be far away.

I know more. If it exists, I need to choose to be a member and pay the price.

Now I am dreaming. Let us stop running away. It is arriving. Anyone of good will is welcome.

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