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Current 29 Aug 2018

The current day is Wednesday, August 29th, 2018. That indicates perhaps that we are in a flow. Current as an electrical current can be controlled by resistance. But for time we never found anything like resistance. Except perhaps dead. But for the living, time flows, runs.


In those days I try to express what is important for me. And my hope is to find direction in my life. It is like trying to decrease the resistance so that a current of new things may spring forth.

I look for more persons to cooperate so that the current of new life can be amplified.

From small current to big stream

Ezechiel 47 describes a spring originating from the temple. It is an interesting story. A small current originates from the right side temple. Each 1000 el distance the current has increased in strength. That is not natural. This river brings abundant life. I really like such a river.

Possible interpretation

Water could stand for the Holy Spirit or baptismal water which has an equal intention. It is meant to grow into big currents, big streams of God's goodness.

All good things have conditions for proper functioning:
- The current coming from the spring should join with other currents. That may mean: come together in unity.
- The current needs to continue being connected with it origin: the altar in the temple; perhaps meaning God as Father, Son and Spirit.

I believe that 'unity', joining together is the key for producing clear and strong currents. And mere talking about unity is no replacement for joining.

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