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Arrest 3 Aug 2018

Peter's Story

Peter got arrested on the street just before his home. Without words he was grabbed by two giants and thrown in a car and brought to a dark prison.
No one talked to him. Peter was raging. But his rage only hurt himself, until bleeding. Gradually his rage turned to fear. The hardest was the unknowing what was happening and what his future would be.

Twice a day some food and water was moved in his cell. No one spoke. Day by day and slowly his rage subsided, but only to make place for a state of hopelessness.


Peters life had come to a standstill. Disaster had caught him. Why? He honestly did not know.
He was a hard working man. He had a wife and two small children. He was worried about them.

As the days passed by his feelings of despair and fear subsided. A quiet patience came over him, little by little. Peter was still not very happy.

Arrest ended

After three weeks Peter was released from his prison. Blindfolded he was transported to a busy street and set free without any explanation.

Peter was shocked and again raging when he realized his undeserved treatment.

He was so disoriented that he hardly trusted himself to go home. He smelled terrible and felt guilty.


When Peter came home he had no idea what to expect. It was also clear to himself that he was no more the same person. He felt bad for having left his family abandoned.

Peter's homecoming was perceived as a miracle. He had been given up.
His family had not been doing so bad as he had feared. Although afraid and very sorrowful, they had been supported by many neighbours, friends and family.

Peter and his family did not recover quickly. They never understood why this all had happened to them.

The arrest had deeply touched their lives. They began to value freedom and life in new ways. Their lives changed and their relationship with the community around began to flourish where it had not before.

Mr. Poirot

Yes the one from the books of Agatha Christie. He would have observed: "aaahhh, those stories!"

He is right. But sometimes it is needed that our lives come to an arrest. Where we 'stop' repeating our routines. Then amazing new things can happen.

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