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Matthew 11:7-8. Man In Desert 3 Apr 2023

Mat 11:7 As the men (John's disciples) were leaving,
Jesus began to talk to the people about John,
'What did you go out into the desert to see?
A reed swaying in the breeze? No?
8 Then what did you go out to see?
A man wearing fine clothes?
Look, those who wear fine clothes are to be found in palaces. ...

Jesus is explaining an extraordinary person, who lived in the desert. Many came to see him.
- He was not quiet and passive.
- He was not dressed in beauty.
He lived in utter simplicity, expecting a man bigger than himself.

What an example is John the Baptist for our modern time!
He stepped out of a hasty and void society where many wanted to redeem themselves:
- by putting their trust in a meticulous and legalistic religion.
- by violence from the Romans.
John choose a simple life of fasting and prayer. And it bore fruits.


Jesus, I desire a simple life. Guide me to an oasis, a place of refuge.

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Man In Desert

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