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Matthew 11:12-14. Conquering the Kingdom 6 Apr 2023

Mat 11:12 Since John the Baptist came,
up to this present time,
the kingdom of Heaven has been subjected to violence
and the violent are taking it by storm.
13 Because it was towards John
that all the prophecies of the prophets
and of the Law were leading;
14 and he, if you will believe me,
is the Elijah who was to return.

'Subject to violence,' what does that mean? I make a guess. I need to separate from the old 'known' and step into the new unknown life in Christ. That requires a violent departure from the past. When I tie myself to the law or the old or to money or family or even life, I can not take the jump into the new future which Jesus offers me.


Jesus, I ask for love, respect, courage and guidance.

Conquering the Kingdom

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