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Why Community? The Earth Requires. 30 Apr 2022

Why on earth would the earth require something? The earth requires a collective response from all its inhabitants. When just a minority has the power to destroy the earth, we all are in danger for destruction. We all together need to choose for a meaningful future of this earth.


Science shows us that we need a very drastic change to prevent fatal damage to the earth. In my opinion we all find it very hard to make serious changes in our lifestyle. There are no easy or cheap solutions.

I would be willing to choose for a drastic more simple life-style. It however helps little when just I alone will change my life style. I would not like a weird life that separates me from the other normal people. Thus I would hope being able to change my life-style together with a community around me.

I would like to identify more with the poor and needy on this earth.

Some Thoughts

I can live without a car. Although perhaps my community could have a car.
It would be nice when my (our) lives would not depend on electricity and other complex infrastructures. I could live in a somewhat warmer country, so that my household would not require heating in the winter time. It would be hard to separate from computers and the Internet.
It would be nice when my community could be self-supportive for food and basic health care. I may need to adjust to a more simple diet.
My community could earn some income from service in teaching, health-care and counseling.

Although not easy, I am sure it would be possible. I am sure that such an approach would honor both God and the Earth.

Response of Others

Typically indifference. Being honest, I am not better. It would certainly take a big sacrifice for the rich, like me. And the poor ... they may desire a more wealthy life standard than the simple life.
I assume that the very poor ones are the most interested! Anyway, any community needs to represent its lifestyle as valuable, else it can not grow.


Jesus, make me poor, for Your sake.

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