Build Community

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Why Community? 27 Apr 2022

When I want to build community, I shall be able to answer this question appropriately. In the coming days I will discuss 10 reasons:

  1. God asks me to build community.
  2. The Earth requires a collective response of the humanity.
  3. The people around me need community.
  4. The church demands community.
  5. My country requires communities.
  6. My neighborhood needs community.
  7. My family wants community.
  8. I desire to be part of a community.
  9. I need a community around me.
  10. What if I do not have community.

Objections and DML

In the coming days I will as well write about the objections against community which I experience. I will write my response in a reflection in the form of a Daily Mood Log (DML).

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