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Spring 24 Apr 2022

It is spring season in the Netherlands. No more the 'I.M.' theme. Thus I need to make fresh start. A fresh look of my website would be great. Yes, I will work on that. I do however realize that just a fresh look, will hardly attract more readers. Neither will that bring me closer to the goals I have set in my life.


In the past years two talents dominated my life: service and creativity. I enjoyed working with those talents, but they did not bring me closer to my dreams on community. It rather caused some chaos in my life. I desire to grow in effective communication and leadership.

Such a change is more than a fresh spring. It could be the fruit of many efforts.
Therefore I take smaller steps first. I want to grow in coaching, teaching and working with small (3 persons) groups.
I also will create a new website with improved communication.


I like to do more testing about my performance and activities. I will do a daily reflection on at least one small event. I accept the help of a coach and experts in the things I desire to improve.


I will improve the quality of my friendships and grow my network.

Just a view from my window.

Spring at my Office

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