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Objections 26 Apr 2022

We do live in a world with many dangers. Therefore mankind has a protecting attitude. We will not easily do something totally unknown.

I have observed that with talking about community, most people do respond a bit defensive. As if they are afraid of it. Before I even can explain what I might mean with community, they start with objections. Not just one objection. They come with a variety of potential troubles.


Such a behavior is familiar to sales persons. They may call it 'smoke curtains' or distractions.
It may be a sign that the potential customer does not trust me. He may be concerned that I might like to sell something unwanted, too expensive, of insufficient quality, etc.
Perhaps he likes to buy in another shop. Or he does not trust my business.


I need to figure out whether I talk to a 'qualified prospect'. Is he interested in the product? Is he able and willing to pay the price? If not, then I should not waste my time on him.

Now everyone needs friends and forms of community. Most persons would however like to deal with those things more privately. I like to decide myself and in my own time who can be part of my community. It is named individualism. It sounds like an objection. However, who is my neighbor? Whom am I supposed to love? I could confront my 'customer'. It only would break the trust further more.

It shall be clear that I first need to build trust in who I am. Else, I will face and endless list of objections.

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