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Magic 25 Apr 2022

Sometimes we need a bit of magic. Is what you are seeing in the fortune-teller's ball the doom of the world? Fortunately, this magic is just a security camera in a shop with some highlights reflecting.


How real is the world we are living in? Is it a magical world? Is it a temporary world? Will this world exist forever?

Yes, there are some answers. Physicists and other scientists predict even that the universe may not exist forever. We may face the end of this world due to human actions. Perhaps the bible predicts the end of the world.

Is this world real, or just a magic that will fade away sooner or later?
More nearby, similar questions apply to my own life. Is my life real or just a magic which will fade away sooner or later?


The magic is that I need to believe in the beauty of my life. When I do not enjoy my life, it just fades away without any magic.

Security Camera

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