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I.M. Youthful 21 Apr 2022

One of my friends observed that I think very "young". Perhaps she meant that I learn and think by exploring ideas. I try the idea, perhaps by speaking it out and checking whether the thought is valid or helpful. Next second I may turn the case upside down and try some other thought. I make progress with such experiments. I may enjoy it even. Other persons may experience my youthful exercises as annoying and frustrating.
Especially when I become defensive, my youthful thinking is misplaced. Another issue can be when I stop listening to partners with whom I communicate or are in one room.

Growing Up

I am interested in team building and growing relationships. How others around me feel about me, matters to me. When they cannot connect to me I suffer from that.

I am figuring out what my values are and how I can maintain my values. Both are not easy or simple. Awareness of values comes little by little. The stories "how to maintain" even come slower.


Jesus, I desire to be a disciple of you. I hope you are not limited to choosing youthful ones.

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