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I.M. Yearning 20 Apr 2022

For quite some years, perhaps decades, I have been yearning to find ways towards building community. Especially during the first Corona year 2020, I wrote extensively about this yearning in my private notebook. In the second Corona year 2021, I found many great thoughts and methods to work with. Thus some of my yearnings have been answered.

Answers to Yearning

Can a yearning be answered? Something like an answered prayer? At least a yearning makes me seeking. It opens my ears and eyes for new ideas. When I really, really want something, I will seek and try. Thus when I really have faith, I will start yearning. There must be a way! I really desire and want to get results. I will do the work to move forward.


Jesus, thanks for my yearnings. Perhaps they are some of the utterances of the Holy Spirit in my heart.

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