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I.M. Xenophobic 19 Apr 2022

Let the one who knows the meaning of the words xenomorphic, xenoplastic or xenophobic speak. I would fail the test. I am a non-native English speaker. Thus I am excused. I however did need an adjective starting with the letter X. Thus, Xenophobic. And so be it.
Its meaning is "showing fear or hatred of foreigners, people from other cultures, or strangers."

Cultural Differences

Various cultures are different. If not, there would be no variation and all people would have one single culture. That would be a bit boring. Most people struggle with unknown cultures. Thus we all must be somewhat xenophobic. It is hard to like what you do not know or understand.

Hate and Fear

When my feelings grow from fear to hatred, I do have a problem. I do not like to hate. I as well do not like to fear. When I hate my fear, I may fall into hating other persons or things. And the other way around, I believe that when I stop fearing, I may stop hating.

Think about this:
When I hate myself, I better stop fearing myself. I have to face my fear. I have to find courage not to run away from my fears. Otherwise I make myself a victim.


Jesus, teach me how to care for my fears in loving ways.

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