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I.M. Worn Out 16 Apr 2022

When my age proceeds, I become aware of decreasing strength and some health failures. The human body wears out over the years.
The hardest for me is that I realize that with increasing age, the possibilities for new experiences will decrease. I can still realize fewer things than I could 10 years ago.

When my shoes are worn out, I can purchase a new pair of shoes. How nice would it be when some of my nasty habits would wear out with time. Unfortunately that does not work automatically.
Over the years the knowledge on my failures in life, increases. My resistance to change, wears out as well. Thus, there is still hope.


As an Easter thought, a word of hope. Whatever age I am, I am on a journey. I am moving from an old situation to a new situation. God cares for me. He guides me into the new, but only when I allow Him and cooperate with courageously responding to new challenges.


Jesus, you paid the price for my resurrection. In You the old has worn out and the new has come.

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