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I.M. Withdrawn 12 Apr 2022

After a busy day, I love to have a few moments just for myself. That is human and it is good. When I am in my best moments, I do a reflection on my day. In the coming weeks I will write some DMLs (Daily Mood Log - invented by David Burns) to practice such a reflection.


In my not so good moments I may as well withdraw myself from the reality. I may feel hurt and tired. I just do nothing except fostering some bad, unfriendly and negative thoughts. Actually ... that is where the DML helps most of all. If I only had the discipline to really listen to my annoying frustrations. Then my DML writing would expose how silly those thoughts are. I may replace them with more friendly thoughts. I will sleep better. I will respond the next day with more love and wisdom.


Jesus, teach me truth about myself. So that my life will be more healthy and less withdrawn from the world around me.

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