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I.M. Wise 11 Apr 2022

Wisdom is a highly desirable good. I desire a less uncertain life. I would like a future where I can learn and where I can grow. Perhaps I am in search for a redeemer. Yes, someone like Jesus. The problems of this present world are too big for me. And I am search for direction. With direction, I dare to journey. I am willing to take risks. At least I will know where I am heading. Where should a wise man of today go? What should a wise man do in this uncertain time?


First I need to clarify what I want.
1. I desire a more simple life with less dependence on complex infrastructures for energy, water and food. It sounds easy. In reality, a simple life is harder and harder to find on this planet. Climate change affects the whole planet.
2. I desire a place with a long lasting peace. There is almost no country where rulers are not fighting for power.
3. 4. 5. ... Certainly I do have more wishes. About health care, education, social infrastructure.

It shall be clear that I lack wisdom. I have no idea where to go. It sounds too much like an impossible Utopia. Nevertheless, I consider it wisdom to have those desires.

How & What

For choosing a realistic direction, I raise questions.
How could that happen? What can I do to prepare myself? Let's make it clear: I am not storing candles, foods and water for bad times. I like to travel light.

The seat of wisdom is in my heart and mind. I should stop painful thoughts. Like the 'It is impossible.' That is not wisdom. 'The price is too high'. That is a self fulfilling prophecy. I will never get it done.
Now wisdom begins to shine. With whom shall I travel and even talk? Those must be 'qualified co-travelers'. They must have a desire and they should be willing to pay the full price. I should shop talking with persons without dreams. I should stop relating to people who are unable to move. Usually our riches prevent us from a light journey.

I make it clear. It takes pains to accept wisdom. I have to give up many of my rights. People may ridicule me.


Jesus, let your star shine on my path of wisdom.

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