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I.M. Wicked 10 Apr 2022

Would I be evil or morally wrong, wicked? I am human. By times I think wicked. I forget the existence of God. Typically I am disappointed, bitter and angry. And those feelings apply to one or more persons, the enemy in my thoughts.
Something within me dislikes those wicked thoughts. It could be the Holy Spirit. Perhaps my better half.


In my best moments, the mind wins. I realize that I have to face my wicked thoughts. If not, I let them live hidden. They will erupt on moments when I am unprepared. I bring my inconvenient thoughts in the light. I write them on a paper. Did I really think such nasty things? Alas, yes. I am guilty.
Typically I want to revenge. I assume that 'the other person' is guilty. I make guesses what he or she thinks about me. Usually my wicked thoughts are inaccurate and mean towards others and towards myself. Now I begin to write down more friendly thoughts to replace the wicked ones. And I need to believe the new more healthy thoughts. That is faith!


Come Holy Spirit, renew my thinking. Jesus, I ask forgiveness where I foster wicked thoughts.

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