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I.M. Well-Meaning 9 Apr 2022

It is not easy to decipher the message of the cups on the picture. In a similar way, it is hard to grasp the meaning of the frequently given unsolicited advices. It sounds reasonable. I however do not get the message clearly.

Obviously, I struggle with unsolicited advice. Even advice I asked for, may be hard to follow. Some reasons could be:
1. I am afraid for the result of the advice. It may take a change of thinking or a change of heart for me. I am not ready to make the change.
2. The work or actions I am advised to take, is too painful or too costly. I may stick in unbelief. Typically, advices are not totally silly.
3. I may want to hurt the person who tries to guide me.
4. I can be lazy or indifferent.


How well-meaning am I towards myself? Am I really caring for my own good? Am I really satisfied with the status quo of my life?


Jesus, guide me into the life I am supposed to have. You are certainly well-meaning.

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