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I.M. Victimized 3 Apr 2022

To be victimized requires a web. I am caught in it and I cannot escape. Several persons attack me and I have little or no opportunity to defend.

Still I believe that when I am victimized, it is me who takes the role of a victim. At all times, I do have a freedom of mind. Often I cause my own problems. It shall be clear that usually I am not victimized by others. Although incidentally that may happen. When I feel victimized, usually I am blaming others. I am excusing myself.

My Dreams

When I want to build community, and I do do not find fellow builders, I need to face my own reality. Am I building friendship with others? Do I have realistic expectations? Do I communicate effectively? Am I taking the right steps? Do I seek advice?

I should point to myself. I should pave the way.

It is a great challenge to own my own problems. That is life. It is pleasure.


Holy Spirit, guide my ways. I ask for your spiritual gifts needed for the task. Jesus, guide me to a place where I can practice those gifts.

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