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I.M. Keen 30 Apr 2021

At the blast of the trumpet, Jesus will come back. Would I like that. Am I eager? I know that my total life would change. All my problems are solved. I am no more lazy, I am no more unkind, I share my food with others, no more worries.
Would I really like that? Any psychologist would smile. The character of a person does not change with the blast of a trumpet. And it gets worse. Psychologists know, as far as I know, that most persons do have a lot of resistance to change.

Benefit and Disadvantages

A psychologist worked with a New York gang leader. He explored the advantages of being a gang leader.
"I have power and status. Rules and laws do not apply to me. I can have unlimited drugs and always be 'high'. I can have unlimited sex." Think, why should I change? Clearly the gang leader was not keen to change.
Now there were disadvantages as well. The gang leader knew that if his life continued the same way, he would die within the coming two years. I am sure there were more problems.

Call of Jesus

Am I eager to serve Jesus? It would take quite some change. I need to seek the lost sheep. I need to labor in His Kingdom. But I live in the world, earn my income with being an engineer. I have my sickness insurance. Perhaps God send me to Africa and He may ruin my life. Am I keen to sacrifice my present status to Jesus?
My present advantages are: "I live in a safe country; I live with a good health care system; I have plenty of money to buy food; Not much is expected from me in my church; I can relax; I can hang around in the virtual world of the Internet and drink my wine. I don't have to take risk of failure."
There are disadvantages as well: "I feel useless; I feel dysfunctional; I do not make new friends; I am loosing touch with Jesus; I am not experiencing the joy I would expect."


My psychiatrist, if I had one, would say that I need to do daily therapy homework and team sessions.
My pastor would say: "Pray and stay calm. Everything is under control."
I am not keen to trust the words of my pastor. I rather trust the insight of the psychiatrist.
Jesus says: "Pray, Listen and do what God tells you." Actions are required. Unless God is unable to speak to me.


Father God make me keen to perform my daily therapy homework. Make me keen to love you and my neighbour. Please connect me to others who are keen.

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