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I.M. Justified 29 Apr 2021

The person who justifies me most often, that is me myself. Usually the others are my accusers. You see that I divide the world in two sides: the good and the bad. Sure enough, the good one that is me. All others are against me. Is that what I really think?


When I am corrupt, I may buy the justification for my evil deeds from others. When I am immature, I buy my justification just from myself. I am fine. Even when I did wrong and have caused hurt to others. I.M. Right.


Corruption has a bad smell. Justice persecutes me. The Good Spirit in me haunts my conscience. I may feel shame and fear. I am not at peace. I feel corrupted.


When I need justification, it might be a sign that I am in trouble. It is true that there are cases where I was not treated fair. I am not against justice. I am against corruption. And I struggle most with the issues where I justify myself. Unforgiveness, withdrawal and procrastination are examples.


To make effort to live in truth is my main true justification. I make effort that my reasoning is fair. There is space for humanity and a degree of imperfection. As much as possible I like to live with a sober judgment on myself. I try not to deny my faults. I try not to blame others. I try to open up, so that others may know me. They deserve to know me for what I am.
As a follower of Jesus I admit that I am a sinner. The amazing result is that this makes me acceptable for the people around me.


Come Holy Spirit, teach me not to justify myself.

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