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I.M. Judgmental 28 Apr 2021

It is not my task to judge. Jesus Christ said: "I did not come to judge. I came to save." And that sets me free. I am called to set free as well.


The same as above applies to groups. It is easy to comment on ideas of others. It is easy to come with quick advice. Usually those things kill the communication. A person who is criticized seeks hiding.
No-one is indifferent for critics. When I share an idea, hear comments and then start to criticize the comments ... the cycle of doom is complete. No one will feel good. The trust is gone. I assume that both parties will feel bad.

First Listen

It is quite a gift to listen to others. Listening is completed by telling the talker what you understood from his message. Most people will not find that easy.
When the next thing I do is to criticize or blame what I have been hearing, I cut the communication. To connect to the other party I need to appreciate him including what he said. I need to accept the message with kindness.

Fear and Trembling

Please look to the picture below. When I see four judges approaching me, how would I feel? Perhaps I do expect justice. I am however not sure until the verdict has been spoken.
Similarly when I live in a community of judges, I am just waiting for the message: "We condemn you. Get away. You are banned."
I seek a community where grace abounds.


King of grace, please teach me to connect to friends and team members.

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