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I.M. Joyful 26 Apr 2021

In normal times many would like a good sales. Being able to purchase things for a really great price brings joy in the heart. Who does not like joy? Persons who are depressed don't.


More than a few persons in my world feel depressed to a degree. The sad thing is that they, including myself by times, are not even aware of it. Scientists have developed a depression test with a scale from 0 to 100%. When I did such a test I came to realize that there is a degree of depression in my life. Now that is pretty human. No one is exempted from all anxieties. And by times there are good reasons to worry or fear.

Signs of Depression

As a non-expert I just talk about my own life. I am 65 years old. It is a time with Corona lock-down. I am not interested in the excuses. My number one signal for depression is that I am passionate about so few things. I love my writing on my website. I miss connection with a broader community. I miss meeting others. And although I seek change and 'new life', I struggle.


On the emotional side I take every day some time to listen to my emotions. Anger, disappointment, fears or whatever. I am no more afraid of them. When I listen to the related thoughts and accept them by writing them on a paper, I get to know some of my distorted reasoning. I make effort to correct some of the unrealistic thinking. I replace it with more joyful and uplifting statements.
I make some plans to battle my 'fears', to move on, to take more risk for failure. Even my failures can bring joy in my heart.


Father God, send us the Redeemer to free us from depression and anxiety, so that we can experience more joy in our lives. Please send us helpers in the spiritual battle.

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