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I.M. Jovial 25 Apr 2021

Cheerful and friendly! Honestly speaking, I am seldom that way. By times it is nice to be generous.
Unfortunately there may be only a narrow boundary between bribery and being jovial.


I believe that normally I should be joyful and friendly. Cheerful sounds to me somewhat over the top. I am just in a good mood and I act. Act out 'what' could be the question. What is my intention. Normally with relating you first connect and make effort to sense where the other person is, what is on his mind. Being jovial may ignore the mood of the other person. Therefore the being jovial may be experienced as intimidating and mistrusted. "What does he or she want from me?"

Behind The Scenes

Could a jovial person have hidden intentions? I think so. If you want the help from someone, you will approach him friendly. But when you are truly kind (and not in the case of an emergency), you will offer him freedom to say yes or no. Being jovial may have the power to surprise or overwhelm a person. It is like stealing a favor by charming.


Being cheerful and friendly, the signature of extroverts, is of course an excellent way to connect to other people.
As a shadow, it could be trained behaviour while the person himself actually may feel depressed.


Jesus, I do not experience you approaching me cheerful. Could it be that I do mistrust you? Am I afraid of you?
Where I am not willing to trust you and or life, please forgive me and cheer me up. Make me spreading good news.

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