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I.M. Jolly 24 Apr 2021

We are talking with a group of colleagues. We are enjoying one another's fellowship. I feel jolly. The next thing is that I make an unfortunate joke at the cost of someone. Usually I am excused and little harm happens. Incidentally I hurt a person.
When I feel jolly I get overconfident. I like to try something.


The image I have in mind with an experiment is a small chemical explosion. I am not a chemist but an electrical engineer. One day I was in the lab with a colleague and we evaluated a certain design. We observed that with increasing power, the performance increased. So we continued increasing the power. The experiment ended with the explosion of a certain electronic component. We laughed loud. The incident had made our day.
Thus ... it also worked the other way. A failed experiment brought us into a jolly atmosphere.


I believe that my life must have some experimentation. I feel very much alive when I do new things, whether they fail or are successful. At the age of 65 I am still learning to take risk with talking to strangers. I am still learning to journey into new experiences. It feels so much alive. And I am still often too fearful, especially that I may run out of finances.


Jesus, you are the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6). Please make me trusting you. Make my life full of your joy. So that I will love to run the race.

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