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I.M. Jealous 23 Apr 2021

It is like a complex devil to be jealous. I do not like to feel that way. And still by times I am jealous.


It is better to admit the emotion of jealousy to myself than to let the monster sneak around uncontrolled. Too often jealousy leads to uncontrolled attacks on other well meaning persons. When pointed to, jealousy moves its tail. Jealousy is defensive and the bystanders can give testimony about that. Jealousy might affect other people who are not directly involved, because the 'serpent' spreads a poisonous atmosphere.


As an example, when I am jealous I become critical. I may voice out negative thoughts.
The other way around, I think it is not fair to sweep away all critical comments and thoughts as incorrect or meaningless. When the purpose is to hurt someone else, that is mean.


How often would I be jealous? A guess: once every day. Often I am not even aware. I am vulnerable when important tasks are assigned to other persons or when I am not well listened to. I might compare myself to others.


Jesus, help me to understand my unique value. No-one is what I am. Holy Spirit, teach me pleasure in who I am.

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