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I.M. Itchy 22 Apr 2021

What does a dog do when she feels itchy? She scratches herself. When it is very bad the scratching may even cause a wound.

Side Effect

I feel itchy. I am irritated. Nothing special. A small reason. I scratch my head. I shake my head. I scratch again. Why do I feel so frustrated? Everyone around sees that I am not doing well. I am in a bad mood. Do not touch me!


What can I do to stop the itchiness? I need to develop habits which give me a degree of immunity. Treating the 'wounds' and side effects may need care. The bad is done already. It is aftercare.
I may need a clean conscience. If anyone has reason to irritate me ... I am very vulnerable. If I am lazy, I can expect criticism. When I am unkind to others, I will attract unfriendly responses. When I give reason I already get the doubt that nothing good will happen to me. It will cause me to be defensive. To avoid vulnerability for irritations, my life needs to be in reasonable order. Then I can smile with confidence.
When I feel loved and respected, I am protected for many irritations.


Jesus, fill me with the Father's love. Holy Spirit, guide me into a responsible life. Father God, teach me to reconcile with the people I have disappointed.

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