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I.M. Irritated 21 Apr 2021

The insect in the picture is a blood-sucker. Just the idea irritates. I am not sure if the insect in the picture is a real image. It is similar with quite a number of irritations I do experience in life. When I kindly examine them they appear to be much less harmful than my first impression.

Stress level

One nasty problem with irritations is that you can perform math with them. I am not sure whether three irritations are just 3 times as annoying, or 3 * 3 = 9 times as annoying. It does not really require scientific research to understand that two consecutive irritations in a couple of minutes are much harder to deal with than two irritation spread over two months.
Added irritations build stress.


Why are irritations so frustrating? Because I know by experience that they do repeat. The same person annoys me regularly. "I Hate him" perhaps and "I never want to see him again".
Those are not nice thoughts when they it would apply to Millet. And not nice when I apply them to anyone. Unfortunately the people most near to me tend to irritate me most. That is of course because of the risk of repetition.


I can't change a blood-sucker. I can't change a human being. Why should the other person change? But I can change my response to irritations. Usually they stir up weird thoughts and those amplified by the repetition factor. When I write down such thoughts and evaluate if they are correct, I can relent somewhat. Another help is choosing a patient, smiling and loving response. When things really get bad, some communication with the other party is an option. Communicating with blood-suckers is impossible. But to humans I can connect!


God, bless my enemies.

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