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I.M. Irresistible 19 Apr 2021

It is spring. It is irresistible to enjoy some of the fresh nature around and to feel the increasing power of the sun. I love to make a bicycle tour on such days. Some of the foods of Millet are as well irresistible and thus I enjoy them. I can't resist nice piece of cake.
Although for each of those things the irresistible is never an absolute. When I have an appointment I am not going for a bicycle tour. When I am full I no more eat attractive foods. Those things are still under my control.

Who Or What

What does control my life? What or who makes my decisions?
By times I may be overpowered by a lust. I can't avoid eating this. I just do not hold back expressing my anger. My humanity speaks. I am not totally in control.
There is as well my automatic pilot. I will not touch fire. I will not just blindly cross a busy road. My autopilot is smart and sometime a bit stupid. It can do very silly things. I need to back up the 'automatic' with intelligence. By times I need to overrule the standard responses.
I can make a plan and execute it. I can list what needs to be done today or which things I like to get done today. This way of working help me a lot to behave responsible and to get important things done.
All those things are not completely satisfying.


Is all this really what I want? Yes, I want to be who I am. I am irresistibly attracted to whom I am. Perhaps it is the love of God that binds me to my body and personality. I love my life. I am very much attached to it. I can't resist it. Every morning anew I look forward to new adventures.

Basically much of this is true in my life. But ... I can't deny that there are disappointments and hesitations. And I admit that usually in the mornings I would like to extend my sleep with another 30 minutes.

Dream Revivers

I need commitment to a valuable purpose. I need the love of God and others. I need and intense desire to let my little light shine. And I can not perform well without a like minded community around.


Please God, bring me home in an irresistible community.

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