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I.M. Irrelevant 18 Apr 2021

In the year 2121 just a 100 years from now no-one may remember William Kuipers. Someone from a previous century. One of those who made the earth desolate. Some old scrap computer still may hold his picture and some silly Facebook page. My memory fades away on a garbage dump and when I am fortunate on a long forgotten graveyard.

The Year 2056

Just 25 years from now. Will I still be alive? The odds are against me. I will be 90 years old. What will be my own memories? Perhaps Mr. Alzheimer will have confused many of them. I do not have children. I do however have family and neighbours. Will they remember me? Will they visit me? Or will they visit my grave?


What will I remember tomorrow about this present day? When I do nothing there will be little to remember. Today I am building on my tomorrows memories ....
When I woke up I had no plans. Let's first sleep another half hour. I just slept another 20 minutes. I got up and I got dressed. It is Sunday. The Lord's day. Because of the Corona pandemic I am not allowed to attend mass in the church. Together with Millet I will attend the on-line mass at 11 am. Now at 8 am. I am writing my daily blog. That will leave a small memory for tomorrow. On Facebook I will be able to check tomorrow who has had some interest in my writing.
To build a more relevant memory for tomorrow I need to relate to others. I need to build on more common ground with others.

Meaning of Life

The things that give meaning to my life are the joys and sadnesses. Joy is the oil of my memory. Sadness as well may build a small memory. Laziness turns my memories into scrap.
There are joys which easily fade away. I do not like to live fed by sad memories. Better would be when the sparkles of my joy kindle a fire which produces joy to and with others.


Come Holy Spirit and join my little sparkles of joy with those of others. Light your fire in our communities. Alone I am irrelevant.

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