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I.M. Irrational 17 Apr 2021

I am of flesh and blood. I am not always rational. No human being is completely rational. It is not easy to answer all the 'why' questions in the world. Parents of children understand this.


The hard to answer 'why' questions may hold a hidden complaint. It makes an issue personal and perhaps irrational. No answer to the 'why' question will satisfy the questioner. One person compares himself to another person. Usually something has happened which has hurt or disappointed the person.


Even if I do not intend it, by times I do hurt and disappoint other persons.
When a person tells me "William when you did those things, I was really hurt.", I can respond "I understand, I did it and I apologize for what I did.".
When I am told "Why did you do this to me", things get personal and more hard to deal with. Human beings are not just rational. And irrational things are more complex than the rational. I am not saying that they are silly.

The Irrational

What a person feels is rational enough. When I struggle with certain events, some not so rational thoughts may show up in my mind. It helps me by times to bring back my thoughts to more reasonable proportions. Sometimes to the naked facts. And not more. I may try to simplify the problem to a proportion that I can deal with it. I do not have to solve all the rational and irrational issues of the world just in a couple of minutes. There is usually plenty of opportunity to talk once more about the still irrational feelings which bother me. It is easier to deal with them when I feel relaxed than when I feel frustrated about an irrational complex situation.


Father God, hold me and protect me when things get irrational. Holy Spirit guide me with simple truth, wisdom and love.

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