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I.M. Involved 16 Apr 2021

It is not my fault. I did not do it. I was not involved. Do excuses really matter?
When my life sucks then I am involved. When my family suffers, I am involved. When my neighbours suffer, I am supposed to love. When my neighbour does not suffer, I am supposed to love as well.

And Now?

Honestly speaking I avoid being involved. There is a personal level, a cultural level and a community level.
Personally I prefer to hold my money, time and power for myself. It is safe and convenient. Yes, I am involved. But in protecting myself. I am placing my own 'value' over the value of others. I do not say that my life has no value. I like to choose from free will that other lives have value as well.
The culture where I grew up did not teach me to actively care for others. My parent cared for our home and family. Insurances and government cared for the sick, poor and needy. It never required a lot of involvement from my side. I am involved in this culture of 'doing nothing'. And a Corona Lock-down does not help: 'Do nothing.'
An important task of a community could be to protect those who care. Because they have given up rights to be 'not involved'. Those who are really involved do pay the cost of being 'good'. Another task of the community is to lift up the needs up to the level that care can be given for the needy ones. The community should provide an infrastructure for life maintenance.

In Fairness

The government does a great job. We pay taxes. We do have insurances. We do give some money for charities.

Risk Avoiding

Avoiding involvement robs me from the satisfaction and joy of being involved. And that is a big price.


Father God, teach me being involved with needs of my fellow people.

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