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I.M. Invalidated 14 Apr 2021

I am 65 years old. Not a big deal? I may feel invalidated. My value is diminishing. Actually I feel more alive then ever. Sometimes feelings are tricky. The "Deutsche Mark" coin does no more have its original value of roughly half a Euro. Although invalidated, the coin may have grown in value, because it is old and rare.

Fact Checking

When we watch a movie, Millet likes to check the facts on Google. What is the real story? Did it really happen?
I also realize that over time some of my opinions invalidate. Perhaps some of my thoughts were from the beginning wrong. A few thing which were valid 50 years ago are simply no more correct in this time. And thus when I make a strong statement to someone, afterwards I may check the facts of my opinion on the Internet. And often, yes often, I am really surprised to see that I was partly or totally wrong. Or I missed interesting information around the issue.

What About Me?

Now I come to an even more painful and interesting truth. My thoughts about myself are pretty distorted or biased (narrow-minded) as well. I see myself just from my own point of view. Others around may experience my personality quite a bit different. I may be afraid that they think negative about me. I could assume that they may like some of my behaviour. Is it correct?
One thing I am learning over the years is that the opinions of the persons around me have usually a lot in common. It is seldom just what one single person thinks about me. I am learning as well to ask others around how they experience me or what my talents are.
And I really make effort to listen to what they say. I found that quite some people think more friendly about me than I do myself.


Father God, I know that you love me, even when I make mistakes. I ask you as a grace, that you teach me about my mistakes and how to deal with them. Make me free for new good adventures. So that my old persons grows 'invalidated'. And that the new creation may gain value. (2 Cor 5:17)

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