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I.M. Intuitive 13 Apr 2021

Who does not like quick and good solutions for problems? An intuition is a hunch for a possible solution for a difficult situation. I lack exact knowledge. I do not know it accurately. And still I have a strong feeling that I know how I can solve the issue.
I have no idea where the thought comes from.

From the Nowhere?

Intuition needs a capable person. A baby is not helped with an intuition how to solve a complicated computer problem. The baby does not have the skills to use the insight.
Intuition goes very well together with experience and knowledge. Some people are more intuitive than others.


Intuitions need to be verified. Frequently they are helpful to make progress in a complex situation. Sometimes the intuitions lead to nothing. Just as many other opportunities in life. And even then, not much is lost.
I need to learn to trust my intuitions. I need to learn how to deal with intuition. Being honest, I love my intuitions.

From Where

Intuitions are a harvest of a hard working mind and from an open spirit which explores opportunities. When I am afraid of new things or the unknown, I will not get very far. My intuition blocks.
My intuition loves fresh 'air'.

Holy Spirit

For those who believe in God, would not all those principles of intuition relate to the working of the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is not for lazy people. She is for active people with an open mind and a willingness to try new opportunities ... and to use their gifts and talents.
Interestingly, just as with intuition, everything which comes from the Holy Spirit needs to be tested. And we are recommended just to keep the good. (1 Tess 5:21)


God, feed us with great intuitions which move us into the doing of your will. And please feed many with the intuition that you do exist. Inspire them to seek.

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