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I.M. Introverted 12 Apr 2021

The world is divided among introverted and extroverted people. Fortunately it is not a sharp border with just two extremes. Introverted people may need more time being just on their own. They may relax or focus on a problem. Introverted persons may get easily tired with hanging around with busy and noisy groups.


Which is better, to be introverted or extroverted? There is no good or wrong. It is simply what persons prefers or what may energize or exhaust them.


Can a person change or learn other behaviour? As far as I know it is usually a life-long characteristic. Thus it certainly does not easily change.
I can however imagine that disappointments in other persons may change the behaviour of an extroverted person. I also can believe that an introverted person can learn to feel well in more noisy places. And I believe that for introverted persons it is even important that they at least try to learn to enjoy time with extroverted groups.

Small Beginning

1. Value and respect extroverted persons. Do not be envious. Trust who you are.
2. Become aware of emotions where extroverted persons irritate you. Perhaps you are jealous with their success. Consider to have friendly thoughts about them.
3. Seek what gives you joy in your heart. Perhaps that is the gift of extroversion. We need others to share life with.


Father God help me to accept myself and others. Guide me with knowing and discovering the joys of my heart. May your joy and love connect me to others around.

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