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I.M. Introspective 11 Apr 2021

I am not an angel. The picture has been taken at a graveyard. It is sad to see an angel introspective. Should not the angels live in heaven in the presence of God? Angels should glorify God and enjoy such. Angels are as well messengers and warriors. They may combat Satan. They also may protect human beings like you and me.
Clearly my understanding of angels fall short. And it is the same with myself. It is not easy to understand myself. Therefore I do introspection, the examination of my thoughts and feelings.

Thoughts vs Feelings

Feelings and thoughts have a mutual influence. To feel healthy, I need to think healthy. When I feel 'dark', I think 'dark'. I neither like to feel 'dark' nor to think 'dark'.
Unfortunately what I feel is frequently unconscious. I am not really aware about it. Therefore I practice awareness. I take time to write on a paper some of the experiences which bother me. I realize more intensely and accurately what bothers me. It lifts up my mood. My mind becomes free for new experiences.


Jesus, my thoughts and introspection direct my attention to myself and not to God. Fortunately you live in my heart as well. Help me to discover your character in my heart and to find joy in that.

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