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I.M. Intimidated 9 Apr 2021

Do you always feel safe and secure? Would you never feel intimidated? Perhaps sometimes you feel manipulated, tricked. Manipulation brings me in a position where I have no choice. I am afraid to loose the favor of someone. That is intimidating too. "Take it or leave it"
I assume it happens often in our life that we are pressured or threatened into decisions. Many leaders, parents, teachers, officials, representatives of businesses are used to or trained how to "get their will be done". And the means is by time mean.

Not Aware

We are so used to being intimidated and manipulated that we are normally even unaware. It appears normal. Deep inside however I feel unloved, tricked, controlled and used. When my freedom is threatened I may feel angry. "This is not what I want".


Laws and rules may help to understand what we may expect from one other. They are not always fair or agreed from a free will. When I am rebellious, some authority may try to intimidate or pressure me. There may be punishment. The purpose then is to maintain order. The tension felt is unpleasant and should not be maintained for a long time.


The emotions and thoughts of persons who are intimidated are not friendly. Especially thoughts coming forth from hurt emotions can be unpleasant, weird, exaggerated, inaccurate in correctness. They are seldom helpful. Unconsciously I seek ways to minimize the pressure and my pain. I may want to revenge.
Because my thinking under pressure is unrealistic and distorted, it is very much worth to explore my frustrating thoughts. I may discover how unpractical and unhelpful my "intimidated" way of thinking is.
Then I can create more correct and useful thoughts which help me to relax and come down to earth.


Father God, embrace me with your love in the moments where I feel powerless and intimidated. Jesus, help me to trust life when it is hard. Holy Spirit, help me to think wisely when I feel pressured.

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