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I.M. Interested 8 Apr 2021

Interest on money has a value. Interest in knowledge may pay off. Interest in people is needed with relationships. Still interested?

Always Interested

Modern times has so many impulses. There are so many things happening in this world. There is so much knowledge and information. It is way more than I can hold in my mind. I can not know it all. Whatever effort I make, I fall short. Knowing it all will kill me.

A Smaller World

Let me limit the world to just 10 meters around. Ai, my phone rings. There is still the Internet and TV. I turn them off. It becomes quiet. Ai, Millet talks to me. Thank God.

Still many things take my attention in a normal day of my life. And just 10 meters around. When I have to deal with all little nearby impulses, including all the thoughts that rise up in my mind, I will get mad.


I need to select what I really need. I need to choose what is really in my interest. I need to consider what is in the interest of a pleasant relationship with the people I relate to. And they are limited as well.

Limiting Interest

First I talk to myself. What am I interested in? What is Millet interested in? What is the person with whom I talk interested in?
Each one has a limited capability to deal with the many possibilities. Regularly I act as a fool. I raise up too many (nasty) issues. People need to live. They can deal with only one single thing at a time. I need to limit my interests.


Father God, Jesus only did your will. I am so curious. What is your will, your interest, for me in the here and now? Please give me rest, peace and wisdom.

A Percentage

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