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I.M. Insane 4 Apr 2021

It is early. It is the year 33. I am at a grave in Jerusalem. I am getting insane. I can't understand it. The grave is empty. And just three days ago my master, Jesus had been buried here. The grave was sealed by the Romans. There was an immense stone before the entrance. How can this be? What happened to his body? I cry.

A Light

A huge angel appears. Yes, I am getting insane. I am afraid. The angel says: "Do not fear. He is risen."
How? How can a dead body rise? I feel upside-down. The world rotates around me. What does this all mean?

Easter 2021

Did you ever meet a person risen from the dead? Did you meet Jesus Christ?
You may respond: "How can this be? Are you insane?"
Would you like to meet Jesus? It is not hard.


Dear Jesus, I do not like my heart to be as empty as your grave at the Easter morning of the year 33. I earnestly like to know whether your are risen and what that means to me. Please come and fill my empty heart. Be my healer. Make me sane.
Help me to open my heart for those who need you most.

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