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I.M. Innocent 3 Apr 2021

With seeking a picture relating to innocence I found images expressing holiness. Normal people like you and me are not holy and thus not innocent. Since there are not really exceptions among the presently living people in this world, I can bear with not yet being holy.
Honestly speaking innocence reminds me to laziness. I believe that the 'holy' persons were not lazy and made some faults with their hard works of care. Thus the true holy people might not be innocent at all. They lived and made their efforts.

Nothing Is Innocent

Everything is important. Doing nothing is irrelevant. I agree that there are circumstances where the best is to do nothing. Doing nothing is however easily indifference and irresponsibility. Thus doing nothing is usually not innocent.


Rather than being innocent I like to be alive. It is the day before Easter, the day of the resurrection. I would like to become more involved in establishing fresh life for many. And I know I shall not stay innocent. I shall make my share in faults and perhaps breaking laws where love and meaning requires such.


Jesus, tomorrow we celebrate your resurrection. I as well desire new life. I like to rise up from the areas where I am dead and passive. You are welcome to send your angel to raise me up out of my 'innocent' sleep and to direct me.

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